© Enrico Fauro
Péridot Salzburg (Peter Peinstingl)




Short bio
PÉRIDOT is an ensemble from Salzburg which grew out of the work of the Stiftsmusik St Peter. The spirit of Mozart’s city, with its unique musical tradition, is mirrored in our artistic focus.

PÉRIDOT is made up of both instrumentalists and singers. The number of musicians involved varies according to the requirements of the work performed.

PÉRIDOT seeks to discover new sides and perspectives in compositions in order to keep a finger on the pulse of the time. That is how art stays lively and relevant for the future.

PÉRIDOT unites historically informed performance practice with the sound and interpretation possibilities of the HERE AND NOW.

PÉRIDOT places a focus on the interpretation of Classical, Early Romantic and Modern works.

PÉRIDOT strives to develop transmedial artforms (connecting e.g. folk music and art music, or dance and music). Thus, a wider audience is reached.