Ben Kim
Lyn Bronson, Peninsula Review, 5 Feb 2011
[...] This was Shostakovich at his best.  The finale blew us away with the ensemble’s extraordinary precision and unbridled energy. You won’t hear this piece played any better than this.

David Stabler, The Oregonian, 8 Mar 2010
[...] Kim is a natural Schumann interpreter, filling the music with expression, lyrical life and sturm. 
[...] Kim also conveyed power and reserve, building to symphonic sonorities but preserving the music's essential thoughtfulness.

James Bash, America Record Guide, 8 Mar 2010
[...] In Kim’s hands, the melodies were clear, but never too loud. The tempos changed, but never felt rushed or forced, and the transitions were organic. The result, in a nutshell:  the performance was terrific.
[...] At times, hints of melodies swirled above the surface, and the final movement, “Vivace,” was ecstatic.

Gyulara Sadikh-Zade, St. Petersburg Vedomosti, 1 Apr 2008
[...]  The pianist revealed everything: an iron will and iron fingers, dramatic tension and intellectual providence, and in addition an extraordinary technical skill.

Tim Smith, Baltimore Sun, 20 Feb 2006
[...] Substantially gifted.
[...] Sparks were flying from the keyboard.  Kim clearly has the power, precision, and feeling for the daunting score [Brahms Piano Concerto No. 1].