Sebastian Manz
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Emder Zeitung, April 15, 2011
“… The evening had a magical atmosphere when the 25-year-old Manz performed as the soloist in Weber's Clarinet Concerto in B flat major. This musician is blessed with an ineffable talent. His very soft passages are a dream, while his more powerful entries are a revelation. And after Manz had allowed the last note to fade away so very slowly, there were cries of bravo and long and thunderous applause which cannot be taken for granted in the Neues Theater …”

Allgäuer Zeitung, March 25, 2011
… His extraordinary musical skills make him so well worth seeing and especially hearing. There is his talent for infusing melodies with such beauty and then his special sensitivity, his courage and ability to play so incredibly softly and at the same time his way of taking the lead, setting the pace and the mood – taking the entire orchestra and conductor Georg Schmöhe with him. March 17, 2011
 “ … Right up to the last beat one had the feeling that his fellow musicians were very well disposed towards him, while at the same time he inspired them with his incredibly differentiated, richly modulated, simply heavenly playing that flowed and bubbled in the outer movements, while the slow movement was a miracle of sensitivity and intimacy. …”